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What is a Reefer trailer?

Updated: Apr 13

A reefer referred to as a refrigerated trailer is primarily a dry van with insulation and refrigeration capabilities.  They generally measure between 48 and 55 feet inches in length and are designed to haul full truckload or multiple LTL shipments within one run.

Reefers are designed to transport perishable and temperature-sensitive goods such as frozen food products, produce, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more.

Reefer Dimensions

Reefers come in different sizes:

53' Reefer

Inside Dimensions:

  • Lenght: 51' 6"

  • Widht: 96"

  • Height: 103"

  • Door Opening: 102" Cargo weight capacity: 43,500 LBS

Outside Dimensions: Lenght: 53', Widht: 8' 6", Height: 13' 6"

48' Reefer

Inside Dimensions:

  • Lenght: 46' 6

  • Width: 96"

  • Height: 103"

  • Door Opening: 102" Cargo weight capacity: 44,000 LBS

Outside: Lenght: 48', Widht: 8' 6", Height: 13' 6"

Advantages of refrigerated shipping

  • Reefer allows you to safely and easily transport your goods across the country.

  • Refrigerated trailers are also great for protecting freight from weather conditions, theft, spoilage and possible damage.

Link Logistics provides refrigerated transport services.

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