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What is a Flatbed trailer?

Updated: Apr 13

Flatbed Trailer

The standard flatbed trailer is extremely versatile, most commonly used to ship construction materials, equipment or oversize shipments.

Flatbeds are ideally used when the shipping or receiving location does not have a dock accessible for loading and unloading, or when the product requires side or crane loading.

Flatbed Dimensions

53' or 48' Flatbed


  • Lenght: 53' 0" or 48' 0"

  • Widht: 103" Cargo weight capacity: 47,000-48,000 LBS

Advantages of Flatbed shipping.

  • Cranes and forklifts are able to load goods from all angles due to the flatbed trailer’s design. Ship your freight even when shipment cannot be loaded or unloaded from a standard dock or does not fit within the dimensions of normal truck trailers.

Link Logistics provides open deck/Flatbed transportation services.

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